Tia gives guidance to help governments, companies and individuals to make fulfilling commitments that benefit the world around us.


In fulfilling her mission, Tia

  • Advises policy-makers, companies and individuals on how to adapt to climate change (UN picture) Designs and builds smarter cities that have local wisdom and global expertise
    • "Tia Kansara is a brilliant young exponent of all that is possible when you set out armed with a secure foundation and fearless ambition of knowing what is required to improve the urban scene. Jaime Lerner." -- Jaime Lerner, former Mayor of Curitba, Brazil 
  • Provides a toolkit to stakeholders on post occupancy evaluations Builds research collaborations on how cities of the future may Replenish Earth through collective and individual ecosystem services
    • "It's rare for someone to have their individual passion and professional acumen and inclination so solidly aligned as Tia's are. While I understand that Tia is a much sought-after speaker and presenter on the topic of sustainablity, for me, her ability to engage other professionals one-on-one about the topics that are important to her is what sets her apart." -- Paul Lubbers, Senior Vice President, Aon Corporation
  • Consults companies on economic advantages of circular economics

    • "Participants of Tia's workshop enjoyed it very much and found it inspiring. I highly recommend Tia's services. It is not that common to meet people that are extremely enthusiastic about their work and with a great ability to influence and inspire others." -- Ewelina Pyda, Intel
  • Creates platforms to help local community members share their collective wisdom, to inspire others to action

    • "Tia is an amazing talent on every level. I would highly recommend her for any endeavor." -- Henk B. Rogers, Founder at Blue Planet Foundation

Some of her clients are Coca-Cola, Bloomberg, European Commission, Forbes, Formula 1, MIT, The Economist, Siemens  and many more.




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Replenish is the measure of an individual’s eco-system service to nature. Research on Replenish will provide a per capita measurement to radically shift our perception of resource-use, positively impacting the environment as citizens take small, manageable steps to reducing their negative impact on Earth. 

Tia Kansara is a brilliant and committed woman who promotes what we in Bhutan strongly believe in - a happy future based on real human values and one that replenishes the world we live in.
— PM Jigmi Thinley

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